If You Wish ……………..


在大自然的定律中你首要先播種, 假以時日後才會有收成 , 同樣道理當你想得到什麼樣的對待 , 首先要先學會怎樣去對待別人 , 假以時日那你將會得到回報。

這沿用千年的自然法則在現今講求速食 , 萬事都以商品化的思維邏輯 , 只講權利 , 忘記義務 , 急功近利 , 乜都攞到盡賺到盡的心態來說 , 有些人會覺得這些老生常談過時 , 並以 “飛甩老土” 的態度去面對  ……………….

我總覺人與天比高與大自然競爭 , 雖然可能贏得一時但到头來自食惡果 , 反而會得不償失 。 所以 我依然崇尚持這些 “老土” 法則 。

If you wish to be respected, then be ever respectful.

If you wish to be understood, then sincerely understand others.

If you wish to be appreciated, then be ever grateful.

If you wish to be loved, then give love in each moment.

If you wish to be wealthy, then act to create real value.

If you wish to learn, then take time to teach.

If you wish to climb higher, then life others up.

If you wish to be wise, then share what you know.

Whatever you wish, life will surely give it.

What you must do, though, is to truly live it.

There is so much to live for and so much to see.

You will have whatever you are willing to be.