Selling Comb to the Monks


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Question :-
If your company , Comb manufacturers assigned you to sell the comb to the monks in the temples ? Can you do it ?

What is your answer ?
a) No Way , Impossible.
b) Crazy.
c) I will give it a try in order to follow my boss instruction
d) Well , I will try .
e) Ya , I think I can sell ??? ( 5pcs ? 10pcs ? , 50pcs ? or more „you name it )

Pick an answer above and read below to find out if you are / you are going to be a successful person or not at all.


There was one company ” manufacturing combs “which intends to expand its usiness and so the management wanted to employ a new Sales Manager.

The company ADVERTISED the vacancy in the newspaper. They are so many peoples turned up for the interview everyday accumulated to almost a hundred peoples in just few days.

The Company now having the problem to choose the right candidate for this position. So , The Company interviewer had set A Difficult Task to whom who want to come for final interview .

The Task Is To : Selling Comb To Monks In Temples

Only 3 Applicants willing to stay on for this Final Interview challenge. ( Mr A , Mr B , Mr C ) .

The Chief Interviwer instructed: ” Now I want three of you here to sell these wooden combs to the monks in the temples . You only have 10 days to do it and report to me after that. “


After 10 days , they reported.

The Chief Interviewer asked Mr A : How many have you sold ?
Mr A Answered : Only One .
The Chief Interviewer Asked : How did you manage to sell ?
Mr A Answered : The monks in the temples scolded me when I show them the comb . But on my way back to downhill I met a young monk who bought it to scratch his head due to dandruff ” .

The Cheif Interviewrer then asked Mr B : How many did you sell ?
Mr B replied : 10 pieces . I went to a shrine and noticed many devotees’s hair was in bad shape due to strong wind outside the shrine . The monk in there listened to my advice and bought 10 combs for their devotees in showing respect to the Buddha statue .

Then , The Cheif Interview asked Mr C : How about you ?
Mr C replied : 1,000 units .
The Chief Interviewer and the other 2 interviews were astounded .
The Chief Interview Asked : How you did that ?
Mr C replied : I went to a famous temple . After observing for few days I discovered that there were many tourists . I then told the Chief Abbot there ” Sifu , those who come here are much devoted . If you could give them a gift , it will be more elating to them . I told him that I have a bulk of combs here and ask him to raft his handwriting on the combs as a present to those visit here . He was very delighted and straight away ordered 1,000 pieces .


HARVARD UNIVERSITY had done a research that says :-

1) 85% of success is due to attitude  and 15% is capability .
2) Attitude is more important than intelligence , specials skills and luck.

In another word , professional knowledge only constitutes for 15% of success of a person and 85% is due to self-cultivation , public relation and adaptability ability.

Still remember the story of Selling Shoes to African ? When 2 Salesmen were sent to that continent , One of them reported : Can not do it . No one wears shoes there? The second saleman said : It is good to market . A lot of opportunity .

Success and Failure is dependant on how we face problems .


My dear friends ,
Do you know eagle lives up to about 70 of age? But when it reach about 40 yrs old , it claws start to age and can not grab the preys . It also can not fly as well. so , it is time for the eagle to make a choice ; wait for the death or goes through a renewal process . If it choose to live , it must try its best flying to the top of the hill . On the hill top / summit , it will stay for 150 days . Over the top , it will hits it features to the stone so that they will drop and wait for the new ones to grow . After the features have grown enough which is about 150 days, it will continue its balance 30 years life.

If you only have smooth sail in life, you will be weak. The teething environment helps to shape you up so that you have the gut to resolve problems .

Though, all of us are undergoing turmoil, we still must greet the new year will optimism.

My dear friends , build a better tomorrow.

Remember , When the economic is good , they are peoples going bankrupt. When business is bad , they are many new millionaires produced as well. So , apply now the 85% right working attitude fully. All the best !



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