Selling Comb to the Monks


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Question :-
If your company , Comb manufacturers assigned you to sell the comb to the monks in the temples ? Can you do it ?

What is your answer ?
a) No Way , Impossible.
b) Crazy.
c) I will give it a try in order to follow my boss instruction
d) Well , I will try .
e) Ya , I think I can sell ??? ( 5pcs ? 10pcs ? , 50pcs ? or more „you name it )

Pick an answer above and read below to find out if you are / you are going to be a successful person or not at all.


There was one company ” manufacturing combs “which intends to expand its usiness and so the management wanted to employ a new Sales Manager.

The company ADVERTISED the vacancy in the newspaper. They are so many peoples turned up for the interview everyday accumulated to almost a hundred peoples in just few days.

The Company now having the problem to choose the right candidate for this position. So , The Company interviewer had set A Difficult Task to whom who want to come for final interview .

The Task Is To : Selling Comb To Monks In Temples

Only 3 Applicants willing to stay on for this Final Interview challenge. ( Mr A , Mr B , Mr C ) .

The Chief Interviwer instructed: ” Now I want three of you here to sell these wooden combs to the monks in the temples . You only have 10 days to do it and report to me after that. “


After 10 days , they reported.

The Chief Interviewer asked Mr A : How many have you sold ?
Mr A Answered : Only One .
The Chief Interviewer Asked : How did you manage to sell ?
Mr A Answered : The monks in the temples scolded me when I show them the comb . But on my way back to downhill I met a young monk who bought it to scratch his head due to dandruff ” .

The Cheif Interviewrer then asked Mr B : How many did you sell ?
Mr B replied : 10 pieces . I went to a shrine and noticed many devotees’s hair was in bad shape due to strong wind outside the shrine . The monk in there listened to my advice and bought 10 combs for their devotees in showing respect to the Buddha statue .

Then , The Cheif Interview asked Mr C : How about you ?
Mr C replied : 1,000 units .
The Chief Interviewer and the other 2 interviews were astounded .
The Chief Interview Asked : How you did that ?
Mr C replied : I went to a famous temple . After observing for few days I discovered that there were many tourists . I then told the Chief Abbot there ” Sifu , those who come here are much devoted . If you could give them a gift , it will be more elating to them . I told him that I have a bulk of combs here and ask him to raft his handwriting on the combs as a present to those visit here . He was very delighted and straight away ordered 1,000 pieces .


HARVARD UNIVERSITY had done a research that says :-

1) 85% of success is due to attitude  and 15% is capability .
2) Attitude is more important than intelligence , specials skills and luck.

In another word , professional knowledge only constitutes for 15% of success of a person and 85% is due to self-cultivation , public relation and adaptability ability.

Still remember the story of Selling Shoes to African ? When 2 Salesmen were sent to that continent , One of them reported : Can not do it . No one wears shoes there? The second saleman said : It is good to market . A lot of opportunity .

Success and Failure is dependant on how we face problems .


My dear friends ,
Do you know eagle lives up to about 70 of age? But when it reach about 40 yrs old , it claws start to age and can not grab the preys . It also can not fly as well. so , it is time for the eagle to make a choice ; wait for the death or goes through a renewal process . If it choose to live , it must try its best flying to the top of the hill . On the hill top / summit , it will stay for 150 days . Over the top , it will hits it features to the stone so that they will drop and wait for the new ones to grow . After the features have grown enough which is about 150 days, it will continue its balance 30 years life.

If you only have smooth sail in life, you will be weak. The teething environment helps to shape you up so that you have the gut to resolve problems .

Though, all of us are undergoing turmoil, we still must greet the new year will optimism.

My dear friends , build a better tomorrow.

Remember , When the economic is good , they are peoples going bankrupt. When business is bad , they are many new millionaires produced as well. So , apply now the 85% right working attitude fully. All the best !


HK International Wine Challenge 2009


這晚應邀出席了一個香港國際美酒大賽 2009 的活動 , 這是二年一度 HOFEX 餐飲業大型展覽其中一個項目 , 以下是有兩則有關報導是這個活動的大概。

葡萄美酒並非獨配西式菜餚 , 當葡萄佳釀遇到傳統中國美食 , 同樣可擦出火花。 剛剛結束一連三日首輪評選的「二零零九香港國際美酒大賽」,就首次以紅酒搭配中國美食的獨特方式進行遴選,由三十多位專業品酒師品出合中國人口味的理想美酒佳餚搭配。

第十三屆香港國際美酒大賽就特別以逾兩百種參賽美酒搭配來自中國四川、上海和廣東三大菜系的美食作評選的方式,由三十多位專業品酒師按照參賽作品的觀感、氣味、味道及口感等方面,從來自十五個國家的二百五十四種葡萄佳釀中,挑選出最符合中國人口味的紅酒加中式佳餚搭配。” – 大公網 


中新社香港 四月一日 電 (記者 陳伊敏)香港洋酒業第一個國際級評酒比賽 ──二零零九香港國際美酒大賽將在五月推出。參選的紅酒除了要符合國際評級標准,還必須適用于搭配中國菜,配合中國餐桌風味。







這活動背後的理念及方向相當好 , 我自己亦十分認同 , 由本地的專業品酒師為本地的地道中菜 , 挑選一些合適配襯的葡萄酒 , 供一般市民大眾參考 , 嘗試及享用 , 對於本土的餐食業及用家都是一個雙贏 , 亦是葡萄酒能否在香港落地生根 , 成為本土文化一部份的一大關鍵 , 所以這類活動絕對是一件好事及值得舉腳支持。 

中菜中有八大菜系 , 各有特色及無窮變化 , 可謂五花八門 , 葡萄酒配襯中菜 , 永遠是一個大挑戰。 相信很多人都會同意我講法 ,  而今次的葡萄酒來自世界各地 , 香港品酒師協會的團隊在 254 支不同國家的葡萄酒內挑選出 27 支作為入圍 , 單以成功率計足 10% , 可想而知其中難度有多高。  今次很高興看到很多其他國家的酒能入圍 , 其中包括 奧地利 , 葡萄牙 , 德國 , 美國 , 澳洲 , 紐西蘭等 , 一改香港人偏飲法國酒的取向。

這晚大會安排了其中入圍的十款葡萄酒去配合廣東 , 上海 , 四川的幾個菜作為推介 , 亦作為 HK International Wine Challenge 2009 的序幕 , 讓傳媒及有關人仕先睹為快。  十款中每種酒都由專業品酒師給予評語 , 既然是專業意見 , 我這個業餘飲酒佬怎敢孔夫子廟前賣百家姓 , 今次可偷偷懶來個搬字過紙 , 最後才作短評總結算了。








Muratori Villa Crespia Miolo NV – Italy

A refreshing sparkling wine with nice mouth feel, which clean the mouth after having fishy items with its acid, and yet pairing very well with the full flavour chicken dish.  It gives all back up to food flavours as well. Being the best overall flavour and balance, and it deserve for a Gold with Distinction.


Quita de Saes 2006 – Portugal

A well balanced wine gives a gentle fruit flavour to all food, the soft tannin does not turn big even with seafood item and it gives fruity and body back up to all food items particular good for the chicken dish.  an elegant red wine goes very well with canton food.


Wooing Tree Vineyard Pinot Noir 2007 – New Zealand

This elegant red with nice cherry scent and round soft tannin, the wine gives great harmony with all canton food items particular the black bean flavour, with its nice fruitiness in mouth, it also pairs very well with light seafood items.


Blue Nun Winemaker’s Passion Riesling 2007 – Germany

Floral scent and its slightly fruity flavour goes well with all seafood item as the wine still consists with good acid level.  It serves as a cleanser and helps tasters to prepare for other dishes.








Weingut Manfred Weiss Simod 2005 Austria

It gives a good fruity support to round all those spicy feeling in mouth, and yet maintain the wine characters at the same time, also a long finish aftertaste.


Weingut Turtschitsch Sonnhof, Gruner Veltliner Kaferberg 2007 Austria

The wine is a great balanced and good quality wine itself. Its aggressive acidity helps to sallow a bit of the spiciness of food and at the same time gives good support to food flavours by the mineral from the wine.  You will still have a strong sense of  Sichuan food but a good harmony in mouth finish.


Torlesse Gewurztraminer, Waipara,2008 New Zealand

A great fruity wine with mineral touch. It pairs well with all those spiciness from sichuan food and round all finish.  With its alcohol support, the meat taste from food also sustained. 






Galli Estate Camelback Sangiovese Shiraz 2008 , Australia

The rich full round wine gives a good support to all shanghai food flavours, even with the eel and strong flavoured loin head.  The alcohol and soft tannin are just good enough to hold the richness of Shanghai food items.


Olsen Wines Big Fella Victoria Petit Verdot 2003 Australia

The wine carries a vegetated flavour with a nice round body, it goes well with the richness of those food items and cleanse the mouth with it bit dry tannin, let you get ready for other dishes.


Kiona Lemberger, 2005, USA

The wine carries spices and blackcurrant scents with a mild tannin body, its spiciness pairs well with the greasy and oily flavour of Shanghai food.  The food flavours come out and balance off the wine. Great harmony






1.    今次入選的所有葡萄酒 , 將會在 HOFEX中展出及品嚐到 , 而酒莊亦親臨香港尋找代理 , 所以暫時香港未有得買及不知價錢。  可惜展覽只招待業內人仕 , 希望這些酒能找到代理 , 讓大家能在市面找到。 

2.    今次所有葡萄酒都有個共通點 , 白葡萄酒中的味道普偏帶點甜 , 而酒的酸度只屬中低 , 沒有木桶處理 , 簡單易飲 。紅葡萄酒中果味濃郁豐富 , 單寧極之柔和 , 酸度亦只屬中低。 不論紅白葡萄酒 , 風格都非常簡單 , 甚至可以講無吔性格 , 但不要以為這是缺點 , 反過來說這反而是 Food & Wine Matching 的最佳選材 , 一來這些酒非常易飲 , 就算一些葡萄酒認識不深的人來說 , 都好容易接受 , 二來這類酒價錢不貴 , 就算唔夾都無吔所謂 。

3.    今次所試的十支酒中大家會奇怪為何沒有法國或最常見的葡萄品種 Cabernet Sauvignon , Merlot??? 原因就是這兩隻葡萄酒的皇與后太有性格 , 而一般 Wine Style 都帶強單寧 , 沒有單寧支酒又失去個性 , 不能兩全其美 , 而且一山不能藏二虎 , 酒 Style 太強反而更容易同食物產生衡突 , 甚至喧賓奪主 , 顧此失彼。

4.    一般晚飯中菜 , 餸菜無可能逐碟上 , 亦無可能像西餐一樣 , 一味菜配一支酒 。 加上酒家亦無可能一人幾隻酒杯又冰桶又 Decanter 配套咁齊全 , 所以一切要從簡 , 我覺得普通 4 – 5 人晚飯一支氣酒一支白一支紅玩足全場就以足夠 , 這原理在中式飲宴中亦可套用。

5.    今晚的四川及上海菜式未算是 To Style 的煮法 , 只是為了方便宴會安排而設 , 而品酒師朋友告訢我當他們團隊品試時都以正宗的煮法作標準 , 而挑出合適的葡萄酒 , 所以大家不要誤會。

6.   今晚的酒食配中效果和諧 , 絕對沒有任何衝突 , 雖然未見絕配 Marriage , 但酒同食物絕對可以溝通 , 我相信這巳是成功的第一部 。而且一支酒配幾個餸 , 亦無可能個個餸都襯到 , 沒有衝突就基本上巳合格有餘 , 不可吹毛求疵。而且 Food Wines 始終是 Food Wines , 質素較 Basic , 要玩高級的 , 當然可以用 Fine Wine 甚至 Legend Wine 的級數去襯 , 即殺雞用牛刀 , 那又是否和諧匹配 , 附合經濟原則成本效益 , 又是另一回事。 

7.    今次品酒師協會的目標非常清晰 , 希望發展能突出亞洲人口味的 Asian Taste , 從而建立香港獨特的地道的試酒方式。我個人很讚成 , 本地薑最清楚本地人口味文化 ,  中國菜食了幾十年 , 跟本不須要外國人教番中國人點食中國菜。掉轉頭我都寧願信意大利人對意大利菜的食評 , 日本人對日本菜的食評道理一樣。

8. 我覺得若香港要成為葡萄酒之都 , 一定要有一些富公信力的評審、認證評分 , 品酒師協會可利用其網絡 , 集合品酒師、酒侍、酒商、資深飲家 , 定期為一些葡萄酒作評分 , 並在公共資訊空間作分享 , 為得獎酒給予特定 Label , 以供市民及一眾飲家參巧。公信力要用時間去建立 , 我相信始終要行出這一步 , 而且是條漫長的一段路 , 但絕對值得做。

9.    我心想其實大型超市 , 大型酒舖 , 都可以用一些空間放置一些 Food Wines , 而某些葡萄酒更可有 Label 寫明適合中菜 , 上海菜 , 四川菜 , 越南菜 , 日本菜 , 西餐等用途 , 反正入口商買手都應該有這些知識 , 只是多做一點功夫吧了 。這樣不單能幫一些經驗不多的用家縮窄範圍 , 更可為用家慳錢 , 又可以令用家跟選擇去購買合適的葡萄酒 , 這不是兩全其美嗎?

10.    我想強調從來 “文無第一 , 武無第二” , 每人口味不同 , 亦沒有一套 “天條” 或 “必襯方程式” 可放諸四海皆通用 , 每樣建議都只是提供我們一些途徑、指引、參巧 , 方便我們去作出選擇吧了 , 最重要的是自己喜歡 , 食得開心 , 食得 Enjoy 就得。