Food & Wines Pairing General Rules


Food & Wines Matching 是有趣好玩而又變化萬千的玩法 , 它不是數學方程式 , 沒有邏輯定律肯定答案 , 食物烹調個個師傳手勢都不同 , 材料質素新鮮與否亦存有變數 , 個人口味喜嗜又各異 , 只能說是一種感覺藝術。

Food & Wines Matching 要做得好 , 真的不容易 , 有時心想一定擦出火花 , 但實際上又事與願違 , 一定要對食物及 Wine Style 兩者有多少了解 , 不斷大膽嘗試實驗 , 學習調節 , 才可在汒汒酒海找到正確方向就是這未知之素才更有挑戰性及驚喜 …… 酒食配搭得宜 , 能增加酒及食物的味道變化及層次 , 亦可互補不足 , 若做得好真的有如神來之筆 , 畫龍點睛 , 美妙無窮 , 箇中樂趣及成功感非筆墨所能形容。

個幾月前買了這本書 , 番了大半 , 自己覺得寫得唔錯簡單、清楚、易明、基本。 書中雖然是針對西餐作解說 , 對亞洲、東南亞、中菜的例子不多 , 但作為步點都好夠玩 , 我將一連三篇節錄某些基楚概念俾大家參考 , 大家若覺得有用可上 Amazone 買。

From “Perfect Pairings” A Master Sommelier’s Practical Advice fro Partnering Wine & Food – Evan Goldstein

Food & Wines Pairing Rules:


– Acidity is the ultimate contrast to an array of dishes.

– Acidity wines are the best wines to pair with tart foods.

– Acidity brings out the integrity of good, simple ingredients.


– Sweetness is a great counterbalance to moderate levels of spicy heat.

– Sweetness in the wine can complement a slight sweetness in food.

– Sweetness can be an effective contrast to salt.

– Sweetness can take the edge off foods that are too tart.

– Dessert-style or extremely sweet wines must be sweeter than the dessert itself.


– Saltiness is lessened by wine’s acidity.

– Salt perception is exaggerated by tannin.

– Alcohol is accentuated by salt.

– Salty dishes can be counterbalanced by off-dry sweet wines.


– Serve bitter foods with tannic wines.

– Counterbalance tannins with fat and protein.


– Oaky flavours are exaggerated by food.

– Oaky wines need very specify foods to show them at the best.

– Lightly oaked or even unoaked are the easiest to pair.

– Oak adds smoothness and roundness of texture to wines.


– Match wines and foods of equal weight.



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