The Commodity of Kings – 一套導向成功的心法


一年之始 , 總聽到很多人講大計 , 回顧 , 展望等一些 FAQ 。好多人都會唸唸例牌答案 , 但一年復一年 , 年年如事 , 而亦年年如舊無改進 , 得個講字 , 真係講人自講……… 相信很多朋友有類似經驗。

近日從好友 email 中得知他亦面對很多問題 , 很多困惑 , 年青人有問題絕對正常。自己都年青過 , 當然明白箇中問題 , 其實每個人都想成功 或突破, 亦對人生的成就有一套演譯方法 , 財富 , 權力 , 快樂 , 美滿家庭……..不論目標是多偉大 , 多緲少或對你代表什麼 , 想信無人會喜歡失敗。

但有無想過要成功 , 突破 , 就一定要付出很大努力及走一條方向正確的路徑?  今日想同大家分享自己十多年前源用至今的一套對人對事心法 , 亦可以說是自己突破或步向成功之地圖 。

一切招式皆源自這七點 , 而此七點一不離二互相關連 , 不論在事業 , 家庭 , 婚姻 , 人際關係 , 興趣都可套用 , 而自己每年只會回顧自已在這七點上做得足夠與否 , 或用什麼方法去改進 ……

認識我時間較長的朋友 , 不難從我平時對人對事的態度中 , 引證這心法的功效 , 並非空有理論 , 紙上談兵。

The Commodity of Kings


People who have attained excellence follow a consistent path to success:

1.     Passion – All of these people have discovered a reason, a consuming , energizing, almost obsessive purpose that drives them to do, to grow and to be more! It gives them the fuel that powers their success train and causes them to tap their true potential.   It is passion that cause people to stay up late and get up early.  It’s passion that people want in their relationship.Passion give life power and juice and meanings.  There is no greatness without a passion to be great whether it’s the aspiration of an athlete or an artist, a scientist, a parent or a businessman.

2.     Belief – Every religious book on the planet talks about the power and effect of faith and belief on mankind.  People who succeed on a major scale differ greatly in their beliefs from those who fail.  Our beliefs about what we are and what we can be precisely determine what we will be.  If we believe in magic, we will live in a magical life.  If we believe our life is defined by narrow limits, we’ve suddenly made those limits real  What we believe to be true, what we believe is possible become what’s true, become what’s possible.  Many people are passionate, but because of their limiting beliefs about who they are and what they can do, they never take the actions that could make their dream a reality.  Passion and belief help to provide the fuel, the propulsion toward excellence. But propulsion is not enough, we need a path, an intelligent sense of logical progression.

3.     Strategy – A strategy is a way of organizing resources.  When Steven Spidlberg decided to become a film maker, he mapped out a course that would lead to the world be wanted to conquer.  He figured out what he wanted to learn, whom he needed to know, and what he need to do.  He had passion, and he had belief but he also had the strategy that made those things work to their greatest potential. Every great entertainer, politician, parent or employer knows it’s not enough to have the resources to succeed.  One must use those resources in the most effective way. A strategy is a recognition that the best talents and ambitions also need to find the right avenue.  

4.     Clarity of Values – Values are specific belief systems we have about what is right and wrong for our lives. They’re the judgments we make about what makes life worth living.  Many people do not have a clear idea of what is important to them. Often individuals do things that afterward they are unhappy with themselves about simply because they are not clear about what they unconsciously believe is right for them and others.  If your strategy for success requires you to do things that you do not fit your unconscious beliefs about what is right or wrong for your life, then even the best strategy will not work.  The problem is there’s an internal conflict between the individual’s values and his strategy for achievement.

5.     Energy –  People of excellence take opportunities and shape them.  They live as if obsessed with the wondrous opportunities of each day and the recognition that the one thing no one has enough of is time.  Great success is inseparable from the physical, intellectual and spiritual energy that allows us to make the most of what we have.

6.     Bonding Power – Nearly all successful people have in common an extraordinary ability to bond with others, the ability to connect with and develop rapport with people from a variety of backgrounds and beliefs.  The greatest success is not on the stage of the world. It is in the deepest recesses of our own heart.  Deep down, everyone needs to form lasting, living bonds with others.  Without that, any success, any excellence, is hollow indeed.

7.     Mastery of Communication – The way we communicate with others and the way we communicate with ourselves ultimately determine the quality of our lives.  People who succeed in life are those who have learned how to take any challenge that life give them and communicate that experience to themselves in a way that causes them to successfully change things. Mastery of communication is what makes a great parent or a great artist or a great politician or a great teacher.

There is no such things as failure,  only result. – 一句送給好友的銘言。

慾練神功 , 不須自宮 , 但須用功 , 日子有功 , 定必成功 。



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